Garden Variety Series

The Garden Variety series is my attempt to document and elevate the botanical world. It was conceived after I learned that most American kids today can identify hundreds of brand logos, but can't recognize a single bloom. Then I met Jonah, a little boy who lives on a permaculture farm in Maine. When I visited him, he showed me around the farm identifying all the plants, including an explanation of what you could do with them. Scouring my surroundings for plants both common and unusual, and then taking time to make plant portraits has become an unintended ritual. 

Today, I have documented more than 28 plants and have been commissioned to document people’s houseplants and gardens. The Garden Variety is an on-going series. If you have a special plant in your garden, please contact me. 

Images in the Garden Variety series are limited edition archival pigment photographs printed on Hahnemuhle’s luxurious watercolor paper. Each photograph is numbered, signed, and includes my chop mark. 

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Ms. Galgani's photography class circa 1997 that I helped as a student teacher. "They are eager," I wrote then, "to learn to make images."

Ms. Galgani's photography class circa 1997 that I helped as a student teacher. "They are eager," I wrote then, "to learn to make images."

"Art saved me," I wrote in a story for Bitter Southerner about Maude Schuyler Clay, photographer and cousin to William Eggleston, the father of modern color photography and the man who my high school photography teacher admired. Countless hours spent in the dark room kept me out the kind of trouble teenagers are want to find. I was lucky. So when I found out after reconnecting with my high school photography teacher that the art department was in dire need of donations to keep the program alive, I wanted to do something. 

#THISARTSAVES began as an affordable line of my work that benefits the Blake High School Visual Art department. Selected from my travels around the world documenting intimacy in the everyday, I donate 5% of the sales of my prints to keep the next generation of artists making art, and maybe even save a life. 

Images in the #ARTSAVES series are printed on a matte finish acid-free paper in an open edition.

In 2017, I created a fundraiser with the same name for Blake High School's Visual Art department, featuring alumni, as well as artists around the world. More on the annual show and its participants can be found here. 


A select number of photographs from the "Garden Variety" series are released by season and are available for purchase. For commissions, special sizes, send request to mw[at] of either series.