Creativity makes life sparkle. Since I was a little girl, I was always the “artsy” twin. In college, I invented classes with professors often adding twists to conventional themes. Later in corporate roles, my creative persona drove me to try new approaches to management and engagement—not always to managements approval. At home, it was no different and for a long time, the various homes I’ve lived it served as places for community....Creativity, in other words, has been the singular thread weaving the bits of my life together. What’s persisted throughout these myriad is my unwavering drive to connect with the wonder that is creativity. My creative practice unknowing became an inroad to connecting to the Divine/Universe.

For creativity to happen, we must connect with flow. In studies around the world, “flow” can be described as “

So no matter if you are a parent, doctor, bricklayer, honey beekeeper, you too, can benefit from cultivating a practice of flow that will lead to creativity.

As a multi-disciplinary artist who lives abroad, I’ll share my perspective, and offer some insight to help you become more connected to your life.